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Seeds of Deception (book review)

How the actual book looks like

This is the most important book in the world.

Did I catch your attention? Hopefully. Well, if you want to learn how the human society works, you will find exactly what you're looking for in Seeds of Deception. For example, you will discover just how corrupt certain institutions - such as food producers, courts, media, science, and legislature - really are. There is no way that - after reading this book - you won't turn into the dreaded "conspiracy theorist" (assuming you are not one already).

However, this isn't really a book about conspiracies or even the human society - those things just incidentally come in for the ride along with the main topic - which is genetically modified food. Seeds of Deception starts off with the story of a scientist (Arpad Pusztai - RIP) who discovered serious negative health effects in his studies of genetically modified potatoes - and was later punished for his research by the aforementioned corrupt institutions. The book repeats this theme over and over, but doomers will not find support for their nihilistic views here - because Seeds of Deception also shows how there are heroes in all those institutions.

So, the point of Seeds of Deception is to show how harmful GM food is in general - and the book lists 21 scientifically supported ways of why that is so. These reasons apply to all GM food - which is a major theme of the book. So, there is no point in trying to argue that a certain GM crop is safe unless you can show how the 21 arguments somehow don't apply to it. Inserted throughout the book are analyses of studies and real life situations relevant to specific crops, proving how damaging they are - as well as refutations of pathetic industry-funded "research" that attempts to exonerate them. Seeds of Deception also makes the point of how GM food cannot be contained once it spreads, with totally unpredictable consequences to the environment (included are a few examples). This is not a major theme of the book, but it is important to mention (not going off on tangents is a great strength of Seeds of Deception).

Well, there is not much more to say. Just go read the book. In its short 231 pages it manages to completely change your view on how human society works (again, assuming you are not "redpilled" already), enlighten you about a very important topic (GM food), and motivate you to take action (with specific instructions such as how to read labels or which foods have been GM at all). It is the only book I've ever read cover to cover twice - and I hope you will now, too. Thank you, Jeffrey Smith, for writing this masterpiece!

Oh - and this will be way besides the point - but can I also mention how, if you are an anarcho-capitalist - this book should cure you from that belief (unless you have already drowned in ancap talking points)? Because, there is no way you can think that giving full power to businesses is a good idea after you read what the biotech companies have in store. Namely full control of the food supply and eventually all living organisms on Earth (which is an illusion, as the GM process always creates unpredictable changes. Either way - with the biotech companies gone wild - nature won't exist anymore). They do not care about your freedom to eat whatever you want, either - as they are all against GM food labeling (enforcing of which would require the state). Please realize that this is exactly the issue where people should put their ideological squabbling aside - because if the biotech companies have their way, there might not even be people in a few decades. GM food should be completely banned right now, and all companies producing it disbanded.

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