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The toxic schooling system

- Introduction -
- What is the justification for school? -
- Everything we learn in school is useless -
- School is designed to waste a lot of time -
- You will forget everything you learned in school -
- School blocks real education -
- The grading system sucks -
- Exceptional students get consumed by the grind -
- Teachers suffer just as much -
- School is not required for jobs -
- Work is a lot better than school -
- School conditions kids to accept spying -
- School injects poison into kids' arms -
- School uniforms -
- Theft of autonomy / restructuring of psychology -
- School is a breeding ground for bullying -
- School is a giant money sink -
- Priming for torture -
- What is the real point of school? -
- "But kids need school for socialization!" -
- "But not sending your kid to school is illegal!" -
- Other criticisms of the schooling system miss the point -


I wake up at 7 and eat a hastily prepared breakfast. I dress up in my white button shirt and red tie, and leave. I enter the building, wait until the bell rings, and enter the classroom. For the next 45 minutes I will sit silently down at my designated spot (possibly near someone I hate) to write down things I don't care about. Finally, I am graciously allowed to leave for the 5-15 minute break. I enter a small corridor, with hundreds of other screaming people, running around. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a CCTV camera, watching my every move.

The bell rings again, and I find myself back in the classroom. The story repeats 6 to 8 times that day. Finally, I can go back home. I turn on my computer to play some games. But then, it dawns on me that I still have homework to do. Another two hours gone. Need to pack up my belongings for tomorrow. Maybe I still have some time for a round of Fortnite. Or I will just go to sleep, as I'm fucking tired. After all, I must be rested for the test tomorrow. A test where I will have to answer questions about things I don't care about. Okay, I've earned a decent grade. At last, I can forget it all. After all, I need space in my brain for the next wave of trash.

Sounds like hell? Well, this is the reality for over a billion children on this Earth:

Population by age, 2020

About one billion between ages 5-14 (school age). Add the 15 and 16 year olds and you get a few hundred million more. Most of them will go to school:

Amount of children out of school

Worldwide, about 4% of school age kids will fail to finish (primary and secondary) school. For Europe and Central Asia, the amount is very close to zero. You could say we have a pandemic of the school virus. So let's explore the harms of this virus:

What is the justification for school?

We will let the government itself (archive) (MozArchive) explain it:

We all have a responsibility to educate the next generation of informed citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said, and instilling in them a love of knowledge and culture for their own sake. But education is also about the practical business of ensuring that young people receive the preparation they need to secure a good job and a fulfilling career, and have the resilience and moral character to overcome challenges and succeed.

I'm guessing this will be the most important paragraph, so I'll focus on it. Does school introduce students to the best that has been thought and said? I don't recall learning about Ray Peat ^_^. But anyway, this isn't justified - the students will forget most of it since the schooling system is not designed with long term memorization in mind. Does it instill in them a love of knowledge and culture for their own sake? No way - how can you "love knowledge" when you are forced to sit in a chair for 7 hours a day, writing down things you don't care about? School, in fact, does exactly the opposite of what it allegedly aims at. How about the good job and fulfilling career? Most jobs don't need any education at all, and the majority of people will end up working in those (as butchers, cleaners, etc) since they are the most available ones. For the rest, you will have to learn the skills on your own - and school inhibits that - or go to a special school later, anyway. And hell - even if this was true - have the school shills considered that maybe people don't want to fulfill themselves with jobs, but just earn enough money to live so they can then do what they want? The last stated justification is and have the resilience and moral character to overcome challenges and succeed. Don't mock me - the only resilence you learn is in enduring school abuse - but you might just as easily be psychologically destroyed by it. There is certainly nothing positive going on there. As we can see, the four pillars of justification for the educational system have fallen. What does school really accomplish, then?

Everything we learn in school is useless

This should be obvious. Let's look at the specifics:

To be honest, I had a serious problem filling this section. I knew the conclusion is right, but justifying it has proven to be more difficult than I thought. During every school subject you learn lots and lots of things, and it's hard to pick just one or two examples to represent the uselessness of that subject. Besides, I forgot it all so I had to dig deep into my mind to even remember what was being learned (which in itself is evidence in my favor). If I wanted to cover every single thing that was taught during a certain subject, I'd have to write pages upon pages - and again, I don't remember. So I just picked a few examples to illustrate the principle. Ask yourself: if the school subjects are not taught for usefulness purposes, then for what?

Sometimes people try to answer this argument with something like "but look, we did [x] during school, and I also do it now when I do [y]. Checkmate! School is great!". There are a few problems here. You're trying to justify schooling as a child by appealing to your current experience as an adult. And almost certainly, what you were learning as a child was useless during the time you were a child. And so, you then forgot it, and relearned what you needed as an adult. Therefore, this argument cannot justify schooling children. But to be charitable, maybe it is able to justify schooling adults? Not really, since the information you consider useful is only a very small part of the subject that you were taught in school - and an even lesser one of the whole curriculum. You cannot pick a single thing you learned in school that you just happen to be using right now as an adult, and say "Look! We've had writing poems in school, and I'm now writing poems as a profession, so school was useful for me!" - while ignoring the 99,9% of school things that turned out completely useless.

But it gets worse. Remember, you're only describing your own personal experience, which likely only applies to a small percentage of people. For the vast majority, your specific piece of information would still be useless (all those not writing poems wouldn't be able to say the above). But it gets even worse! Because, in school, kids almost never really do anything - just write stuff down. And so, there would still be no connection between a piece of information learned and a task performed. So that's still the part you'd have to learn on your own, and probably trash most of what you've written down anyway - since it wouldn't be that useful in practice. Either way, this is only relevant to schooling adults; schooling kids is refuted with exclusively the fact that they will forget it all before ever making use of it. Even if the child - by some miracle - did not forget the thing it's now using, the other arguments still apply. That it's only one of the few useful things they've learned, and that they are one of the few people for which it's useful.

School is designed to waste a lot of time

In Poland, primary and secondary lasts 9 years (until recently this used to be 10); 6-8 of school hours per day plus the commute, five times per week. Adding homework and other preparation (like for tests) on top of that means the formative years of a person are almost entirely focused on school. This all directly follows from the above; the only way to justify such long duration of schooling is by shoving a lot of useless things into the curriculum. Now let's generously assume 10% of the knowledge learned in school is useful; limiting education to that means you end up with 3-4 school hours per week, plus let's say 2-3 more hours for homework and tests. Suddenly, school becomes just one of the chores you have to get done - barely a blip in your timeline, instead of your entire life. You get 5-6 days a week fully free, and can actually plan out your life instead of having it designed from above.

This cannot be allowed to happen because the elites want you to be a domesticated doggie instead of a free human. And you cannot accomplish that with just a few hours of obedience training that would then be undone by the kid during the rest of the week. Even if you give the school shills the benefit of doubt and assume 100% of the stuff learned there is useful, it could all be learned in one year, instead of repeating and forgetting the same things over and over for the whole duration of schooling. The fact that this happens unfortunately leaves obedience training as the only explanation for the gigantic amount of lost time, that makes any sense.

You will forget everything you learned in school

This happens for 3 reasons:

As far as I'm concerned, the brain keeps information around for only two reasons. The first is that it's being consistently used for a real life task. So, a programmer might know all the function names of his language if his job or project depends on it. But the knowledge needs to be reinforced every so often; after a few months or years of not using the language, the programmer will likely need a refresher (though the general proficiency in programming will - of course - remain). Since none of the knowledge you learn in school is being regularly used outside of it, the brain will see no point in keeping that stuff around and will trash it after the tests are over.

The other reason information would be kept is that there's an emotional reaction associated with it. Maybe you remember the lyrics of a song that helped lift you up during tough times, or which you kept hearing during fun events you experienced as a youth (advertisers sometimes repurpose popular melodies with their own lyrics overlaid onto them, why do you think that is?). Nostalgia definitely fits in here too; there was a even a meme about someone remembering all the Pokemon even when they last played the games 15 years ago or so. The brain might keep something around if it perceives it as morally important; or maybe traumatic. Perhaps you've absorbed a topic as part of your identity; I feel this explains how someone like Ray Peat seemingly knew everything that's happened in biology during the last 6 decades or so. Or maybe you were simply fascinated by something.

None of that - of course - applies to anything learned in school, where the knowledge is presented in the most boring way possible. When there's no "doing" or "feeling" associated with it, the brain won't bother carrying the additional baggage. But the situation is even worse than it seems. Because even if you found something useful and / or interesting in the school curriculum, the brain might decide to trash it anyway as it's already been overburdened by endless hours of having stuff shoved in. School is like a trance, an existence entirely concerned with sitting and writing things down. No wonder the brain decides to tune out and forget even the fun things.

School blocks real education

School convinces you that education means sitting, writing down, answering questions on a test and forgetting. This is what's being engraved into your brain's circuits through 10 or more years of schooling. And with that conviction, why would anyone want to learn anything? It seems that school is designed to cause exactly this attitude towards learning. Even if a child survives the grind with his youthful curiosity still intact, they can begin actually learning skills only at age 16 (if they skip high school) or later. Regardless of this, education is impossible during the school ages, as there is just no time. At best you come back home at 14 or 15, and have to make your food, then solve homework. And your brain is fried anyway, so you just want to rest or play. Imagine if kids could instead learn what they are interested in without being distracted by things they don't care about. Without associating education with boredom or hurt. Every so often you hear about kids that taught themselves programming or drawing at young ages. But this is despite - not because of - schooling. These are the few that have had enough resilence to still retain their natural excitement about learning. And they did it in an entirely self-directed way - at the time and pace of their choosing, finding their own materials, asking questions, creating their own paths through failure and eventual success. If school didn't exist, there would be a lot more of such people.

The grading system sucks

You will be tested on all the things you've learned from the various subjects. Some of those tests can be announced (so you can prepare), others can happen at any time - so you're always under pressure. Then, a number is assigned according to the performance you gave on your test. The system rewards high number, instead of any kind of useful skills. And you can get that high number through e.g cheating or bribes. If you get enough high numbers on tests, you are able to get the best grade overall in a certain subject. If you do that with enough subjects, you can apply to a better high school once you leave secondary. But, this requires a several year long constant grind of learning and solving tests (on things you mostly didn't care about). If you thought just going to school wastes a lot of time, try preparing for all the tests, if you want to be a good student. All that so you can repeat the process in high school (unless you go to a trade school or nowhere). And all that so you can later get a job where you won't use any of that knowledge anyway. Doesn't the whole thing just seem stupid?

Exceptional students get consumed by the grind

If someone is great at programming, writing, drawing, or sports - they will still have to bother with all the stuff they don't care about. They still have to deal with screaming teachers and other fluff. In most cases they will lose motivation and their exceptional talents will go to waste. At best they will waste time on useless things until they are able to cultivate their talents. On their own, because school does not provide opportunity to do so (it's not in the program). This will necessarily sacrifice their grades (see above section) but will produce better results overall in terms of satisfaction and later opportunity. How cool would it be, if school picked out the talented kids and directed their development towards their talents? No, got to bring everyone down to the same level of "general knowledge" and demotivation. As stated before, only the truly determined kids can survive the grind and still retain their excitement for learning.

Teachers suffer just as much

So don't blame them. Please realize that - for all the time the student is in school - the teacher has to be, as well. And they have to control 30 screaming kids at a time, for 8 or so hours a day, every day. This is very stressful and I've seen teachers have literal breakdowns. The teacher will have to compete for the attention of the student that is already bogged down with 10 other subjects they don't care about. And what they are supposed to "teach" is carefully controlled. They have to review the stupid tests, etc. So a teacher might be excited about a subject, but will still be consumed by the grind - same as the student. With this in mind, we see that the teacher's situation is even worse than the student's. At least the student has to focus only on writing things down - the teacher must take care of a bunch of children who want to be anywhere but in school. Now imagine that the student is able to choose their subjects. And that the teacher can do whatever they want during the lessons, instead of following some "program". Since the things taught in school are not required for life, it only makes sense to base teaching on interest (both for the student and the teacher). This would also increase information retention, if the students learned only what they care about. And would decrease the stress levels of the teachers since the kids would not feel like caged animals forced to perform tricks. The current system is so insane, I can barely believe I'm not in some nightmare.

School is not required for jobs

I will surely hear (and have a lot in real life) some people say that kids must go to school because otherwise, they won't be able to get a job later in life. First of all, that's not exactly true - teenagers have been doing jobs forever without finishing education, even during their vacations or weekends etc. But even with that assumption, it's only because it's been arbitrarily decided that you need to finish school to be graciously allowed to work. The "knowledge" you've gained (and forgot) during your school years is not actually used at the workplace. They will either teach you at your job if it's simple, or you'll need to go to a special school anyway if it's complex. Primary and secondary school, or even general high school, is only relevant as much as it allows you to enter the higher schools (this is also arbitrary). And the majority of people are doing those "simple" jobs, so education literally never comes into play. Someone like a barber needs only a short barber course to be able to do his job properly. Again, the education requirement is just arbitrarily set up by governments. The right response is to take it down instead of sending kids to a 10 (or more) year long prison because of it. You could also bypass the school requirement by being a self-taught artist / programmer / writer etc. and accepting donations or doing commissions. Of course, in the end, I think the job system is outdated (or maybe it's never been good) and will die soon regardless, but for now, it needs to be reformed as to not require finishing school.

Work is a lot better than school

I've had people tell me that "work is school for adults" or such things. There are actually very little similarities, though. The biggest one is that you "have to" go to both, but even that evaporates when you have money saved up and can stop working at any moment for at least a while (a kid cannot leave school for the whole duration of his education aside from 2 months per year vacations). You can choose your job - a kid cannot choose his school and they're pretty much all the same anyway (talking about primary and secondary here). The vast majority of jobs are way less restrictive than school. You can usually walk and speak. For many jobs you can at least partially control your work environment, and have an opportunity to rest - in school, you just write and write and write. In most jobs you also don't have the boss watching you over at all times, so there is not the aspect of behavioral control that the teacher provides. Nursing - for example - allows significant freedom of movement, resting opportunity, task variety, has good pay and you actually feel like you are accomplishing something. But even for the extremely restrictive jobs - you at least get fucking paid; a kid never earns anything for his torture. Don't get me wrong - jobs suck - but compared to school, they are not even in the same league of suckness.

School conditions kids to accept spying

This wasn't always the case (only because of the lack of availability of the tech), but now should be obvious. CCTV are all over the place, as well as RFID tracking of students' locations (archive) (MozArchive), facial recognition (archive) (MozArchive), and transparent backpacks (archive) (MozArchive). With these kinds of things normalized, how likely are those kids to resist the technological slavery system when they are already adults? I say, very little chance. And it seems that schools are the introductory places for new spy tech. The same one that will later be implemented everywhere else. At least, that's where they've put CCTV here first. UPDATE August 2022: by the way, a United States resident just told me this:

The students all use an extra-locked-down version of Chrome OS on their school computers. It monitors everything they type, what they click, all network traffic, etc. It's all sent to Google, who do things like check to see if they're threatening suicide, saying naughty words, etc, and automatically reports it to their teachers.

School injects poison into kids' arms

Yes, I am talking about vaccines. It's been long shown they are potentially toxic (watch the movie Vaxxed II) and don't even work (archive) (MozArchive) for preventing the diseases they're given against. And yet, they are required to attend school. Vaccination campaigns teach your kid that their body is property of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, which will now decide the kinds of substances that go into it. I don't know about others, but it was traumatizing for me to have unknown stuff injected into my muscles, for no stated reason and without consideration for my feelings or concerns. At least they are not (yet) enforcing COVID vaccines, which are 12 times more likely to get a side effect than all other vaccines combined - and the severity is also worse. But stupid parents can still decide to give them on their own, and will surely be pressured to do so. And as with the spying, how likely is it that those force-vaxxed kids will resist mandates when they are adults?

School uniforms

Let's check out some justifications for the school uniforms. Flying over to the United Arab Emirates (archive) (MozArchive), we find:

The unified appearance aims to provide a sense of equality and justice amongst all pupils, regardless of backgrounds or social status and to manifest the UAE's national and cultural identity.

Is your whole cultural and national identity reduced to white shirt and black trousers? Weak. As for the other justifications - you can't disappear poverty by equalizing clothes; only give the illusion of doing so. But even that doesn't work as the richer kids will bring their expensive smartphones, jewelry, travel by car, etc. So the poor kids will still feel worse than the rich ones but will also lose the benefit of wearing the clothes they like, even if they are cheap ones. Therefore we see that the policy of school uniforms not only does not accomplish what it sets out to (presumably, making the poor kids feel better about their poverty) but even makes the situation worse. School uniforms are just a bandage above the actual problems - the poverty and the capitalist notions of worth; and the bandage doesn't even stick. Of course, not every school has such things and they might not be enforced in the same way. But they can get pretty heavy, as well; this US school (archive) (MozArchive) pretty much defines the entire look of your kid:

Belts:First, second, and third grade students must wear belts with shirts tucked inside pants, shorts, and skirts.Pre-K and Kindergarten students may wear elastic waist paints.

So, you must wear a freaking belt. I've never done so in my life, they are pointless and uncomfortable. I don't see any justification (even a stupid one) for their enforcement, either.

Boy’s Hair:Hair must be clean and well groomed.Prohibited items include bandannas, hair wraps/scarfs, large headbands, extremes in hairstyles (discretion of administration), unnatural human hair colors, lines, letters, or designs shaved in the head.Hair arranged in a manner detrimental to the performance of normal educational activities will be prohibited.Hair must be kept out of the eyes.
Girl’s Hair:Prohibited items include bandannas, hair rollers, hair wraps/scarfs, large headbands, extreme hairstyles (discretion of administration), unnatural human hair colors, lines, letters, or designs, shaved in the head.Hair arranged in a manner detrimental to the performance of normal educational activities will be prohibited.
Not Allowed:Purses, tattoos, false or long nails, sunglasses, oversized clothing, hats, large or hazardous jewelry.

You can't even tie your hair or grow your natural nails. There is zero point to this except destroying a kid's individuality and making him feel like a cog in the machine. The psychological damage will surely spill over into adulthood, as well.

Theft of autonomy / restructuring of psychology

Couldn't come up with a better way to call it, so let's run with this. Again, the kid is shoved into a classroom with 30 other kids they might not like. They have to sit in the same chair for years, five times a week, 7 hours per day. They cannot speak or stand up without permission - pretty much making it into a master-slave relationship, where the teacher is the master and the student - the slave. They are required to write things down (that they don't care about) for almost the entire duration of this process. Then, they have to deal with being randomly pulled by their teachers to the front of the class and being rated on the knowledge of the stuff they were writing down for the last weeks (be prepared, you little slave - you might be next for the chopping block of being screamed at and embarassed in front of the whole class). The student's wants, likes / dislikes, or individual dispositions do not come into play at all. They cannot ever participate in controlling any part of this process. Natural behaviors like exploration or avoidance of tasks and people they don't want to deal with are erased from their brains. What are the effects of all this on the student's psychology?

The feeling of being a separate person is buried altogether. They get taught that what they think, feel, or want does not matter at all. And if so, where does individuality come into play? Ha-ha. Nowhere, of course - except when it's thrown into the grave to rot. Repetition of the same pointless behaviors day after day, year after year creates learned helplessness and solidifies the student into a beautiful cog in the machine for the elites to exploit later with consumerism, propaganda, bullshit laws and political fights, etc. We treat our children worse than pets - how insane is that?! At least the pet can, like, walk freely around the house and isn't (usually) forced to perform stupid tricks for hours per day, every day. When the pet is let out, they can usually run around and stuff. Not so with the student, where they will be promptly punished with a written note to the parents and / or a bad behavior grade if they step out of line. Don't you see what school is trying to do here? Why does any parent put up with this?

School is a breeding ground for bullying

What happens if you take a small (yes, a 5 year old is still small) child and break its beautiful innocent life in order to throw it into a cage for the rest of its youth? What happens when you force it to sit down in that cage and write down stuff it doesn't care about? What happens when you finally let it out onto a corridor to run around with 300 other angry kids? Of course, it has to let out its anger somehow - and the easiest way is on the other kids. This can include following someone around, insults, spitting or beating up, or really anything else. Everyone knows how prevalent and harmful bullying is, so I won't cover that. But let's take a look at how the US government pretends to fight bullying (archive) (MozArchive):

Solutions to bullying are not simple. Bullying prevention approaches that show the most promise confront the problem from many angles. They involve the entire school community—students, families, administrators, teachers, and staff such as bus drivers, nurses, cafeteria and front office staff—in creating a culture of respect. Zero tolerance and expulsion are not effective approaches.

A culture of respect? Is this some kind of satire that I've missed? How does school respect the child at all when its autonomy is completely taken away?

Maybe the reason bullying actually happens is because the students are treated like absolute trash by the so-called "adults" who lock them up in a torture chamber for most of their childhoods (so the exact opposite of a culture of respect). There, they are reprimanded and screamed at by teachers. Maybe the kids eventually figure out that abusing others is a fine and expected adult behavior, and replicate it? And yet, the world has chosen to play the whack-a-mole game with the bullies by trying to punish them without considering what makes them do what they do. That will surely not make them double down on their bad behavior... Maybe if the catalyst of school was taken away, the school bully would not have necessarily been one at all? But even if you assumed that the bullies are "born that way" - eliminating schools would still decrease their opportunity to do harm.

Don't forget that - in school - the student is forced to meet up with its bullies every day during class or the breaks. So, the kid has no way to use the simplest anti-bully strategy possible, which is to just avoid them. Contrary to the government's claims, the bullying solutions are indeed very simple. Just stop shoving kids into the torture chamber known as school! Without the perfect bullying environment that the school provides, the issue's prevalence will be heavily reduced.

But of course, this idea has not been taken into consideration by literally any government in the world. Why do you think that is? Maybe because no one really wants to stop bullying? There's no way I'm the only person who realizes the obvious solution to bullying (ending schools), so I will assume it is being kept alive on purpose. And the purpose is to teach the kids that in the so-called real world, any kind of weakness (or just difference) will be ruthlessly exploited. Install into them the idea of the jungle - where the hyena eats the antelope - before they get to learn much of anything else. That will ensure they - then - accept the business frauds, media lies, politicians' corruption, etc as just the natural order of things. Yes, school bullying is a conspiracy to ensure the assholes currently in power stay there. And "education" is a cover for this.

School is a giant money sink

So I just learned that - in the next school year (beginning September 2023) - every Polish kid starting the 4th grade will receive a 600 euro laptop (MozArchive) from the government for free. The specification includes a minimum 8GB of RAM with the ability to upgrade to at least 16GB and an SSD with at least 256 GB storage space. Hey, I don't even have an SSD or that much RAM, what does a schoolchild do to justify hardware this heavy? Are they going to be playing Fortnite during lessons? Which would probably be a better way to spend their time than whatever they'd usually do. But anyway, another requirement is a legal operating system (meaning Windows, thus paying a ransom to Microsoft for the license), access to the Office suite (another license cost, probably) and a three-year long warranty. Why not - for a start - use this as an opportunity to teach kids FOSS operating systems, which do have access to an Office suite as well? They want to buy 370 000 laptops this year (which together would cost 222 million euros), but they are thinking about the 3.5 million that will reach schools in the coming decade. This is yet another way a clueless government wastes our money. Of course, it's not the only cost school necessitates - there are still the backpacks, schoolbooks (why have the laptops then?), notebooks, pens, crayons, scissors and whatever else the students are going to use; maybe uniforms, as well as wages for all the employees. If the cult of schooling was given up, all this money could be returned to the people for actually improving their lives, and the employees at those facilities could be freed and actually become able to fulfill themselves doing what they care about.

Priming for torture

Today, I was passing a young guy who was waiting for his daughter and (presumably) wife or girlfriend. When they reached him, he lowered himself and kissed the daughter, who was smiling. She was dressed for a wedding or something similar, so surely the congratulatory kiss was expected, right? Except...there was no wedding. What followed was her being dragged to the nearby school to celebrate the start of year...a year of torture. Outside, you could see some decorations as well as all the kids dressed up and being happy. If only they knew what really awaits...hey, the older kids surely know already; it's only the first graders that are in for a surprise (that daughter did look like a first grader). Either way, why all the pretense? Why the fun and celebratory atmosphere when the kids are going to suffer for the rest of the year? Why do parents go along with this stuff? Just dress them normal, and forget the stupid decorations and playing around. Even better, tell them "today is your last day of freedom; we're taking you to a place you will sit in 5 days a week, 7 hours per day, and won't be able to speak or move without permission. You will spend that time writing down stuff you don't care about, which you will be expected to remember, and write down on a test or answer verbally. If you fail, you will be rated badly and perhaps receive a scream from the teacher. Oh, and you will go back home with a stack of homework that you'll be expected to solve that day". Yeah, that sounds about right for a heavily shortened version. The kids surely get traumatized when they realize just how badly their parents and school employees fooled them. That kiss was...a kiss of death :D

What is the real point of school?

UPDATE May 2023: I guess this is the most important part of this report, so I will give it the proper treatment now:

Dogs have many instincts which have helped them survive in the wild when they were still wolves, but are only a burden in civilized life. Yet, a dog does not understand this; in its mind,, it's still living in a reality where it has to fight for its survival. So it will naturally run after birds trying to kill them, hide food around the house, or even bury itself in shit so that its prey doesn't notice its scent. Dog training is just a way to inhibit or remove completely those instincts in a world where e.g biting the nurse who's vaccinating you isn't acceptable (but in the wild would simply be considered a defense from a snake trying to poison you).

Now what if I told you, that school is doing the exact same thing to people? We also originally come from the wild, and bring with us many instincts - some of which are new compared to animals, or improved versions of those. The ability to perceive, think, and act independently. We retain the instincts to fight, run and gather food. All of those are obviously very dangerous to the elites' prefered world; I mean imagine one in which people weren't afraid to destroy property that was being used against them (CCTV, spybots, 5G towers, GM food fields, etc). Imagine if we were able to resist the defaults that have been thrown in front of our faces; the prison-like schools, the useless jobs, the hospital births, the shitty foods and endless consumption. Imagine if we could deny the hierarchy that's been imposed on us, where the really high up people just do whatever they want to without fear of consequence. Our base instincts would actually bring about that reality if they were allowed to develop. And so the elites need to inhibit, redirect or delete them as young as possible, making you into a kind of domesticated human-doggie that can only follow conventions blindly, and will never resist. But since we have a more advanced brain, it is harder to rip those out than with dogs. And so, our masters had to create a true brainwashing institution in order to succeed with this. They have accomplished that almost perfectly with school. At least as well as they could have without triggering some concerns from parents (they test the resistance levels all the time though, with new spy tech, etc).

In school, everything is about the grades or ratings you get. You are considered a good person if you earn high ratings, and a bad one if you earn low ratings - and who wants to be a bad person? First of all, every time a lesson starts, there is a check for the presence of every student (prison-style). And if you are absent, it's marked and your parents get notified (though you can get a justified absence if you tell your masters why you're gone a certain day; this is similar to the system from work which allows pregnancy leaves, etc). This teaches you that you're supposed to be where your masters want you to be, unless you can explain why that is not so.

Then - when you're already locked up - you get rewarded for arbitrary behaviors like writing down stuff you don't care about and repeating it on the test later. This teaches you that an act isn't supposed to have a point aside from being what your masters have ordered. If you speak or walk away without permission you get struck with a bad behavior grade. I don't have to tell you what's the point of those, right? Your masters want you where they tell you to be, with your mouth closed lest you dare to spread some "misinformation" around. I remember when I was in primary, every day they told us to walk in pairs; I think this was to teach us we're going to have to deal with people we don't necessarily like. Another arbitrary behavior was to stand in a line, then put one of your feet in front when ordered. A literal military drill, creating the perfect soldier to be sacrificed for the elites' dumb wishes. Hey, let's look (archive) (MozArchive) at what kind of behaviors get you punished in Polish schools (translated by me):

Certain interesting things can be gleaned from this. Notice how peers are less important than the employees, already teaching hierarchy. Harming the dignity [...] is one of the most punishable offenses, and it is simply a proxy for criticizing your masters. Property appears sacred (as I've said in my report on libertarianism - don't you dare deface those ads, or destroy the CCTV and spy/murderbots) and more important than the people themselves. The drugs and alcohol are kind of funny; how dare you enjoy some escapism from our prison (it's punished more than beating someone up and equally to police involvement). Smoking is ten times less harmful than those apparently (but in reality is at least equal). I don't mean that those items should all be allowed, but you have to have some perspective as to why the kids are getting into them. Anyway, maybe the most important lesson is how you're punished even for your acts outside of school, teaching you that Big Brother is always watching.

But the particular point amounts by which certain behaviors get punished are not as important as the system of rewards and punishments itself. For 10 years, you are conditioned to only do what is allowed and avoid what is disallowed - instead of what you think makes sense or doesn't; what you like or don't like. This - in adulthood - is supposed to make you into a person that takes their vaccines, works their shitty jobs, and votes for their abusive rulers - all without a squeak. "Education" is an almost perfect cover for this, since who doesn't want their kid to be "educated"? But when you dig deep into it, no real learning happens in school - so we have to seek explanation elsewhere. And obedience training provides the perfect one.

But as I've said, a human has an advanced brain, and the simple ways to train a dog won't necessarily work here. They need to be in school every day, for 7 hours, executing arbitrary behaviors - then coming back home with a stack of homework; with the threat of a test constantly on their minds. And of course, to have every single movement of their eyebrows analyzed and rated. Despite an entire childhood of all this, some people slip through the obedience training episode barely affected. Those become the dangerous antivaxers, anti-capitalists, squatters, freedom activists, etc.

"But kids need school for socialization!"

This is the dumbest reason for sending a kid to school, even dumber than "education" - yet it is commonly used. The kid is shoved in with 30 other kids - that they might not like at all - in the same room; and they have to endure them every day for years. More than that, since you can't stand up or speak without permission during lessons, there is no opportunity for socialization at all, either way. The situation is even worse during breaks, where the kid is thrown into a corridor with 300 other screaming kids, and has 10-15 minutes to...listen to screams or perhaps get beaten up by the angry kids that have finally been graciously let out of their cages. There is certainly no space, time, or opportunity to do anything there. Clearly letting the kids go outside and play around without restrictions is a lot better for "socialization". And what about the introverts? All this "socialization" is literal torture to them, but in the quest to find a justification for schooling, everyone has suddenly forgotten them.

"But not sending your kid to school is illegal!"

So what? If you care about your child, you absolutely must save it from the torture chamber known as school. Just as you would save it from the Germans that were coming to take it to a concentration camp. Find a way. Maybe don't register your kid after birth, or hide it at a distant family member's place when it reaches the school age. Or flee to somewhere where homeschooling (which still tries to replicate the school environment - just at home - so does not exactly fix the problem) is legal. But don't just bend over and sacrifice your child. And don't use stupid excuses to pretend that torturing your kid is somehow noble. This whole situation also proves that the legal system works against us. After all, for how many decades has forced schooling been in place? And yet, no politician has ever bothered to do anything about it. Neither does a citizen get even a chance to overturn this slavery.

Other criticisms of the schooling system miss the point

Critics of the schooling system have usually focused on the general dumbing down of education (archive) (MozArchive) or the particulars of the curriculum, such as the teaching / non-teaching of modern evolutionary theory (archive) (MozArchive) or foreign languages (archive) (MozArchive) (this is very common in Europe, which often teaches two additional ones). These are - at best - side issues; all those critics are still fine with the general curriculum system, which is the actual problem. They are fine with all the disgusting things I've mentioned in the intro and other sections, as long as one of their favorite subjects is being taught the way they want to. It is like wanting your head cut off, as long as the scythe is of your favorite color. UPDATE: hey, just found an interesting comment on a youtube video that I just have to cover:

The real problem with modern entertainment is our education system teaching racism, preferred pronouns, and LGBT propaganda instead of teaching the kids to read, write and do math.

I guess this is what passes for insight in right-wing circles these days , since this person got 343 likes (in 22 hours) and many positive replies. First of all - teaching racism? I doubt anyone is doing that and if they were, that would undermine this person's point. Next - even if you removed all LGBT propaganda from the curriculum - school would still remain terrible because of the many reasons I've given here. I am pretty sure all schools in the world teach the kids to read, write and do math, so I have no idea what's this person's problem. I am also quite sure it is not needed because those things would be learned just by regular living. Also, teaching LGBT propaganda in no way precludes teaching the kids to read, write and do math. But, since this person's thinking is clearly only surface level, they won't even realize this. Nor will they consider "how" the kids are "taught", focusing only on the "what". They will also ignore all the other stuff that school brings aside from "teaching". "Teaching good thing" = good. "Teaching bad thing" = bad. That's as far as this person can look, and this mindset is very common, and harmful.

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