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To install a theme, click on its link and copy the resulting css. Then, click the Stylus extension icon and "Write style for:". Paste and save. Give it a name that will remind you of it. You can add all the styles I've written and switch between them at will from the Stylus menu.


Preview of the Psycho theme
Preview of the Psycho theme in an article


Preview of the Sand theme


Preview of the Ice theme

Yotsuba B

Preview of the Yotsuba B theme


Preview of the Ghost theme


Preview of the Water themePreview of the Water theme inside an article


Preview of the Forest theme


Preview of the Simpleton theme
Above theme was made by Oreamnos - visit his site (gopher support required; use OverbiteFF extension in Pale Moon)


Preview of the Matrix theme
Above theme made by sewer2k

Commodore 64

Preview of the Commodore 64 theme
Above theme was made by anincet