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ABANDONED - too much tedious work which was draining my creative energy that I would rather spend on an essay. I do cover news on my Mastodon sometimes, though (UPDATE: not anymore).

April 2019

Rome Citizens are Fixing their City where the Government has Failed
How China Turned a City Into a Prison

March 2019

Microsoft Calls On Tech Giants For More Censorship To Prevent People From Sharing, Viewing Violent Content
Road safety: UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters
Firefox Lockbox Now on Android, Keeping your Passwords Safe
GoFundMe bans anti-vaxxer funding campaigns to curb misinformation
MoviePass founder wants to use facial recognition to score you free movies
Uber used secret spyware to try to crush Australian start-up GoCatch
The Spy Inside Your Car
Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation
Vizio wants next-generation smart TVs to target ads to households
Introducing Firefox Send, Providing Free File Transfers while Keeping your Personal Information Private
MGM Could Replace Many Employees with Robots
Cameras Can Spot Shoplifters Even Before They Steal
Tencent adds "digital lock" to certain games in China

February 2019

Pale Moon gets an uMatrix fork
Meet the AI monk: Buddhist robot costing £700,000 is now delivering religious teachings at a 400-year-old temple in the Japanese city of Kyoto
Privacy advocate held at gunpoint after license plate reader database mistake, lawsuit alleges
Alexa, call the police! Smart assistants should come with a 'moral AI' to decide whether to report their owners for breaking the law, experts say
How did the police know you were near a crime scene? Google told them
Even years later, Twitter doesn’t delete your direct messages
Are robots better baristas? Berkeley's Bbox café thinks so
Facebook and Twitter trackers whitelisted by Brave Browser
Mother arrested for calling a trans person a man on Twitter
Kenyan government mandates DNA linked national ID

December 2018

AI toilets will scan your poop to diagnose your ailments

November 2018

AI-powered lie detector will question travellers at EU borders

October 2018

AI art sells for $432,500

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